Good Management Practices

Good Management Practices (GMPs) are effective and practical methods to minimise environmental risk while making good use of the farm’s resources.

These GMPs focus on water quality by seeking to minimise losses of sediment, microbes, and nutrients to water without being prescriptive about management techniques used. This list is not exclusive and may or may not fully consider GMPs for other aspects of farm management (e.g., greenhouse gas reduction, health and safety, biosecurity, biodiversity, and conservation of natural and cultural heritage).

The underpinning concepts of GMPs for water quality are:

  • Understanding of the contaminate loss pathways on your property.
  • Assessing risks to water quality from farming activities.
  • Appropriate management to reduce those risks.
  • Recording your plans and actions.
  • Regular review of your results.
Good management practices are effective and practical methods to reduce environmental risk.